Sunday, July 6, 2014

Announcements: Professor Patty Cake Visits NYC, Publishes New Article, and Launches Intellectual Downplaying Research Hub

June 2014 proved to be a busy month for Professor Patty Cake. Highlights from the last month include:

Dr. Erica Vernold Miller (AKA- Professor Patty Cake) traveled to NYC to attend Soapbox Inc.'s Feminist Intensive Camp. During her trip, she worked closely with feminist authors/activists Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards and attended the United Nation’s "Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity – Picture It!" launch event of the Beijing+20 campaign held at the historic Apollo Theater on June 26, 2014. While in NYC, Dr. Miller also had the chance to catch up with author/comedian/ editor, and co-founder of Laughing Liberally, Katie Halper. Katie was a blast to hang out with, as always, and even graciously opened up her home so that Dr. Miller could extend her stay in NYC. Check out Katie's latest article,10 Most Un-Christian Church Signs on AlterNet.

Dr. Erica Vernold Miller's article, Meeting the Needs of Today's Modern Families, was featured in the NYSECTA Newsletter, Volume 1, Edition III. Spring 2014. She will be presenting on the same topic at the 21st International Conference on Learning in NYC on July 14, 2014.

Last month, Dr.Erica Vernold Miller launched the Intellectual Downplaying Research Hub. The Intellectual Downplaying Research Hub was created to educate the world about the practice of intellectual downplaying and to serve as a place for showcasing current intellectual downplaying research. Dr. Erica Vernold Miller is currently conducting the Intellectual Downplaying Study, the first large scale study to research the practice of intellectual downplaying. The purpose of the study is to:
- Determine the prevalence of intellectual downplaying behavior
- Find out which sex engages in the behavior most often
- Examine the contributing factors that motivate individuals to engage in intellectual downplaying behavior. 
 A summary of the Intellectual Downplaying Study results will be posted on the Intellectual Downplaying Research Hub upon the completion of the study. Inquiries about the Intellectual Downplaying Study can be sent to her at

Dr. Erica Vernold Miller with feminist authors/activists
Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards.

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