Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Holidays from the Professor Patty Cake Team!

The Professor Patty Cake Consulting, L.L.C. Team would like to wish everyone peace, love, and happiness this holiday season. Many thanks to those of you who have utilized our services in 2015. We look forward to working with you again in 2016. Perspective clients, contact us today to learn more about our services and to discuss what Professor Patty Cake Consulting, L.L.C. can do for you!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Announcement: Dr. Erica Vernold Miller to Present at Fall 2015 NYSATE-NYACTE Conference

Presenters: Dr. Erica Vernold Miller and Dr. Tiffany Coyle from Cazenovia College and Dr. Kim Wieczorek from SUNY Cortland

Conference: Fall 2015 NYSATE-NYACTE Conference

Conference Location: Gideon Putnam, Saratoga Springs, NY

Presentation Time/Date: 3:00-3:45 on Thursday, October 15, 2015.

Presentation Location: Geyser Room

Conference Strand:  Strand 2: Nurturing P-12 Partnerships and Professional Collaborations

Presentation Title:  Finding the Right Fit: Challenges of Obtaining and Maintaining Appropriate Field Placements for Inclusive Education Preservice Teachers

Summary: For inclusive teacher education candidates, it is critical to experience field placements with models of respectful and differentiation-oriented teaching approaches provided to all students.  Obtaining and maintaining such field placements in the current reform era is daunting.  Discussion of strategies for nurturing such placements will be facilitated within this interactive panel presentation and roundtable.


Finding the Right Fit: Challenges of Obtaining and Maintaining Appropriate Field Placements for Inclusive Education Preservice Teachers

Field placements within inclusive teacher preparation programs enable preservice teachers to be mentored by practitioners in their field and allow further development of the positive dispositions needed to effectively teach students with disabilities.  Palmer (1998) wrote, “If we want to grow in practice, we have two primary places to go: to the inner ground from which good teaching comes and to the community of fellow teachers from whom we can learn more about ourselves and our craft” (p. 141).  It is of critical importance that preservice teachers are placed with mentors who have positive dispositions regarding students with disabilities and model respectful teaching methods within inclusive placements.  Due to varying factors such as continued and intensified pressure on teachers to demonstrate value-added growth for their students, changing curriculum requirements related to the Common Core and related modules, and a shifting commitment from administrators/districts in relation to inclusive education, such field placements are often a challenge to obtain and maintain.  Levine (2006) states, “Spending substantial time in the field can enrich students and aid their learning, and the lack of such experience can impoverish them. Too many students are likely to graduate insufficiently enriched” (p. 42).  It is the responsibility of teacher educators to “sufficiently enrich” and prepare students for careers in inclusive education; it is important that we work to overcome the challenges that prevent us from obtaining and maintaining appropriate field placements for our preservice teachers. This roundtable discussion will provide a collegial forum to discuss such challenges and brainstorm ways we can ensure that preservice teachers are placed in appropriate inclusive education placements.


Levine, A. (2006). Educating school teachers. Washington, D.C.: Education Schools Project.

Palmer, P. (1998). The courage to teach. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Announcement: Dr. Erica Vernold Miller Sponsors Upcoming ArtRage Exhibition

Professor Patty Cake Consulting, L.L.C. is happy to announce that our CEO, Dr. Erica Vernold Miller is one of the sponsors of the upcoming exhibition,  Blackout: Through the Veiled Eyes of Others. Racist Memorabilia from the Collection of William Berry, Jr.,to be housed at the ArtRage Gallery, Syracuse, NY from February 6, 2016 to March 19, 2016.
Exhibition Details:
[Excerpt from ArtRage website] A retired higher education administrator, Berry currently publishes the online literary journal, aaduna. He has researched and reflected on the variations of racial thinking since the 1960s, and started to collect “differing” images of Black identity in the early 1970s.

Berry’s collection highlights how ordinary household artifacts have distorted how generations of Americans view people of African descent as somehow less than human. Mainstream media may refer to a post-racial 21st century America, but stereotypes and distortions of Black people persist nonetheless. This exhibition invites viewers to confront how everyday objects support and perpetuate racism.

“I remember at a certain point in time there was an argument that Black people should seek to have this stuff destroyed,” says Berry. “My position was that you always want to remember what happens when you allow someone to define who you are.”

Exhibition Link

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Announcement: Recent Publications by Professor Patty Cake

Miller, E.V. (2014, Fall) [Review of the book Future families: Diverse forms, rich possibilities by R. D. Parke] Interdisciplinary Humanities, 31.s, 146-148.
Interdisciplinary Humanities

Miller, E. V. (2015, Winter). Building teacher resiliency. NYSECTA Newsletter, 2(1), 9-11.
NYSECTA Newsletter

Miller, E.V. (2015). The Seminar. In K. Head & P. Blessinger (Eds.), Teaching as a human experience: An anthology of contemporary poems (p.112-113). United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.  (ISSN: 2058-2870)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing                   

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Announcement: Dr. Erica Vernold Miller Presenting at 2015 NYSAEYC Annual Conference

2015 New York State Association for the Education of Young Children
Annual Conference Information
Presentation Title: Looking Outside the Box: How Grants and Creative Partnerships Can Enhance Preschool Instruction
Date: Friday, April 10, 2015
Time: 7:00 am- 8:00 am
Location: Turning Stone Resort and Conference, Verona, NY
Room: Briar
Presenters: Dr. Erica Vernold Miller, Cazenovia College/Professor Patty Cake Consulting, L.L.C.
Dr. Heather Ferrara, Cazenovia College
Presentation Summary: Do you have a great instructional idea but struggle with how to fund and/or provide the labor to make your idea a reality? This workshop chronicles the evolution of one “great instructional idea” from the planning stages to its implementation and gives participants a roadmap for how to: 1) formulate an action plan 2) obtain funding, and 3) establish productive partnerships that will make their idea a reality.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Announcement: Dr. Erica Vernold Miller Wins WCNY Makers Award

Professor Patty Cake Consulting, L.L.C. is happy to announce that our CEO, Dr. Erica Vernold Miller,  has been selected to receive one of WCNY's  2015 “Makers: Women Who Make America Awards.”

A little about the award- WCNY’s “Makers: Women Who Make America Awards” honor remarkable women who are game-changers in their fields. “Across Central New York, women are making remarkable contributions to our community. WCNY is honored to share their stories, using our multimedia platforms—TV, radio, web, print, and social media—to reach and inspire others.” said Robert J. Daino, WCNY president and CEO. Support for WCNY’s “Women Who Make America Awards" is provided by the Lockheed Martin Employees Federated Fund.

Winners will be honored March 6, 2015 in a ceremony at the Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY. Winners also will be featured on WCNY radio and television, social media, WCNY’s website and WCNY CONNECT magazine. A special episode of the PBS award winning program INSIGHT will highlight all of the winners and air sometime in March 2015. Stay tuned for details regarding specific date/time of the show. *UPDATE- INSIGHT appearance scheduled for Friday, March 13, 2015 at 9:00PM EST on WCNY.

Congratulations, Dr. Erica Vernold Miller!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Announcement: Professor Patty Cake to Present at PCA/ACA National Conference

Professor Patty Cake Consulting, L.L.C. is happy to announce that Professor Patty Cake, Dr. Erica Vernold Miller, is scheduled to present at the Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference. Presentation details are as follows:

Presentation Title: Images of Female Intelligence in Pop Culture: Results of the Intellectual Downplaying Study
Date: Friday,  April 3, 2015
Time: 9:45- 11:15 AM
Session Strand: Women's Studies XVII: Young Women and Television and Media Consumption
Location: Galerie 3 at the New Orleans Marriott
New Orleans, LA.

Presentation Summary:
A longstanding cultural stereotype exists of women being categorized as either smart or beautiful but never the both. American pop culture has perpetuated this one dimensional view of women by regularly presenting juxtaposing female characters; those who represent intelligence against those who represent beauty. Popular cartoons and television shows from the past, such as Scooby Doo Where Are You, Three’s Company, Saved by the Bell, and Beverly Hills 90210 have all incorporated elements of the beauty vs. brains formula into their female character plotlines. Attractive inane female characters and smart female characters playing dumb to increase their attractiveness have long become banal modus operandi for many scripted series. Reality stars appear to have bought into the idea as well, bringing the American public such gems as multimillionaire singer turned business woman, Jessica Simpson’s now infamous chicken of the sea musings.

American society’s preoccupation with beauty coupled with the barrage of messaging propagating the notion that intelligence and beauty are mutually exclusive, leads one to infer that people are engaging in intellectual downplaying behavior in an effort to appear more attractive. The Intellectual Downplaying Study, the first large scale study of its kind to examine the intellectual downplaying phenomenon, collected survey data to: 1) determine the prevalence of intellectual downplaying behavior, 2) find out which sex engaged in the behavior most often, and 3) examine the contributing factors that motivated individuals to play down their intelligence.

Results of the Intellectual Downplaying Study will be shared in this session. The session will begin with a review of the types of images that exist of female intelligence in pop culture followed subsequently by a discussion regarding the images impact on intellectual downplaying behavior. Participants will walk away from the session with an understanding of what intellectual downplaying behavior is as well as the factors that contribute to it. The session will be structured to encourage participants to share their own experiences and observations with intellectual downplaying behavior.

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