Sunday, July 26, 2015

Announcement: Dr. Erica Vernold Miller Sponsors Upcoming ArtRage Exhibition

Professor Patty Cake Consulting, L.L.C. is happy to announce that our CEO, Dr. Erica Vernold Miller is one of the sponsors of the upcoming exhibition,  Blackout: Through the Veiled Eyes of Others. Racist Memorabilia from the Collection of William Berry, Jr.,to be housed at the ArtRage Gallery, Syracuse, NY from February 6, 2016 to March 19, 2016.
Exhibition Details:
[Excerpt from ArtRage website] A retired higher education administrator, Berry currently publishes the online literary journal, aaduna. He has researched and reflected on the variations of racial thinking since the 1960s, and started to collect “differing” images of Black identity in the early 1970s.

Berry’s collection highlights how ordinary household artifacts have distorted how generations of Americans view people of African descent as somehow less than human. Mainstream media may refer to a post-racial 21st century America, but stereotypes and distortions of Black people persist nonetheless. This exhibition invites viewers to confront how everyday objects support and perpetuate racism.

“I remember at a certain point in time there was an argument that Black people should seek to have this stuff destroyed,” says Berry. “My position was that you always want to remember what happens when you allow someone to define who you are.”

Exhibition Link

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