Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Professor Patty Cake ® Career Hack #103- Ditch Your Objective Statement Right Now!

There is no quicker way to make your resume/CV seem tired and uninspired than to begin it with an objective statement. Beyond restating the obvious (Yes, you want a position like the one you are applying for. If you didn't, you would not be applying for the position in the first place.), you are also conveying to the hiring committee that you are not up-to-date with current resume/CV format trends. Thus, leaving them to wonder, “What else is this applicant not up-to-date with?”

When you include an objective statement, you are also essentially wasting valuable resume/CV “real estate.” That prime resume/CV real estate could be put to better use by using it to instead showcase a professional summary statement synthesizing, in a few brief sentences, how your skill set aligns with the required/preferred qualifications listed in the job vacancy announcement. Not only does this strategy give you another opportunity to illustrate how you are the ideal candidate for the position, it also allows you to insert keywords into your resume/CV that the Applicant Tracking System (the computer software many school districts/institutions of education use to prescreen applicants before forwarding applicant materials to hiring committees) is programmed to look for in "qualified" applications.

Crafting the perfect professional summary statement can be challenging. Contact Professor Patty Cake ® Consulting, L.L.C. today, to learn how to develop an effective, personalized, ATS friendly professional summary statement. Your job search is too important to leave to chance. Let our skilled resume writers and career coaches help you create a resume/CV that stands out from the crowd! We can be reached (toll free) at 1-866-932-4454 or via the web at Professor Patty Cake ® Consulting, L.L.C. Website.

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