Professor Patty Cake ® Professional Pointer #5- The Power of Positive Affirmations for Educators (Part 1)

What are "positive affirmations?"- Simple put, positive affirmations are positive statements that affirm something to be true. You can use positive affirmations, or mantras as they are also referred to, as a way to help you refocus your attention on your goals and limit your self-sabotaging inner dialogue. When crafted and used correctly, positive affirmations can serve as your own internal pep squad, cheering you on to success! Research suggests, that when repeated regularly, positive affirmations (i.e. positive self-talk) can decrease your stress level, raise your confidence, help you overcome bad habits, and significantly improve your mindset as well as your behavior.

How do you create the perfect positive affirmation?- When crafting your positive affirmation you should keep the following things in mind.

1) The positive affirmation should be worded in the present tense. For example, stating "I am" rather than "I will be."

2) The wording of a positive affirmation should be positive. (I know this seems obvious but you would be amazed at how quickly we fall into saying "I am not " rather than saying " I am")

3) A positive affirmation should be brief, specific to you and your situation, and easily remembered.

Some of examples of positive affirmations for educators and job seekers are as follows:

Educators in General
  • My students benefit from my passion and expertise.
  • I believe in my teaching skills and ability to meet the needs of my students.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on my students' lives.

Educators Seeking Jobs or Transitioning
  • I am ready and able to take the next step in my teaching career.
  • I am a skilled educator open to new professional opportunities.
  • Any school (or insert name of school) is lucky to have me as an applicant for their open position. 
30 Day Challenge- Now its your turn. Using the information provided in this post, we encourage you to create and use your own positive affirmations for 30 Days and see for yourself how the power of positive affirmation can work for you! At the end of the 30 Day Challenge, send us an email at, sharing your positive affirmation(s) and telling us how you did with the challenge. One lucky winner will be selected from those who complete the 30 Day Challenge and email us by 12:00 pm on April 15, 2019. The selected winner will receive a gift bag filled with cool educator swag (worth over $100) and have his/her story featured in our May 2019 blog post!

Good Luck!!

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