Professor Patty Cake ® Professional Pointer #5- The Power of Positive Affirmations for Educators Part 2

Just a recap.... if you can recall way back in my March blog I talked about the "Power of Positive Affirmations for Educators" at that time I opened our Positive Affirmation 30 Day Challenge and asked all of you to send us your experiences with positive affirmations. I am happy to announce that we have a winner, Maria D. from Tucson, AZ! She sent us the following message outlining her experiences with our 30 Day Positive Affirmation Challenge....

" Hi Professor Patty Cake! Thanks so much for sharing your career hacks and advice on your blog. I have been following you since college. In just a few weeks, I will be finishing my 1st year of teaching. It has been a tough year. My school is going through some major transitions. Over half the teachers were new this year and our principal left in the middle of the year which led to major chaos at my school. I am exhausted and don't think I have it in me to do this again next year. Recently, I made the decision to look for a new teaching position. The stress of my job + job searching has been keeping me up at night. I read your March post and thought I'd give your 30 Day Challenge a shot. I wrote out 3 positive affirmations and made time each day to recite them. My 3 affirmations were:

1) The right job is out there for me.

2) It is just a matter of time before I find my dream job.

3) My skills and experience make me a great teaching applicant.

I am not going to lie, when I first began reciting my affirmations I felt a little weird but as the month went on I felt less self-conscience when saying my affirmations. I have gotten better saying them and really feel like they are helping me stay focused on my goal of finding a new job and have been keeping me calm during my search. Just this week, I was starting to get frustrated about my job search but just minutes after reciting my daily affirmations, I got a call inviting me to an interview!!! I go next week and you bet I am going to say my affirmations before I go!!!" 

As you can see from Maria's entry, she has harnessed the power of positive affirmations and made the practice work for her. Congrats to Maria! As promised, a Professor Patty Cake ® goodie bag was sent to her. Many thanks to all of the other challenge participants who took the time to send us their entries for our challenge. Stay tuned, I plan to post more Professor Patty Cake ® Professional Pointers and challenges in the upcoming months. 

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