Praise for the Professor


Great reminder of how to be aware of one's self and how to help meet the diverse cultural needs of the families and children served.

Excellent Presentation! I like how you included honest personal experiences- that was very informative and interesting.

I liked how Erica kept talking, told stories of her family while giving her lecture.  You could just tell how much she loves her work and believes in what she does.

I enjoyed this presentation very much! By far my favorite training thus far.

Very informative and well presented. Enjoyed the way the information was given, researched and anecdotes-gives good sense of practical use of the information. Gave me new things to think about.

I thought this was a great workshop. Loved the personal stories/experiences that supported the topic.

I think that the presentation was great. I got a lot out of it since I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. It gave me a better perspective on how culture is portrayed in the classroom.

Love the company name. Dr. Miller added great humor and facts to make it interesting.

Well prepared and presented. Dr. Miller is a skilled educator who makes learning fun and exciting! Great Teacher!

I gained a lot of new ideas from this workshop to help us incorporate different multicultural activities into our classroom.

Dr. Miller was very entertaining with so much experience to share with us. We were lucky to have her here with us today!

This presentation expanded my thoughts on planning multicultural activities for young children. Loved the speaker Erica! Thought she was very upbeat and very informative about multicultural topics.

I thought the speaker was very knowledgeable about cultural diversity. Loved the energy throughout the presentation. I really enjoyed the stories from her experience

Thanks for a wonderful presentation. Very nice for the last one of the day.  Great points to think about. Wonderful job!

Very articulate, animated presentation! (especially @ the end of the day). The presenter was very knowledgeable and gave lots of applicable materials and resources.

Lots of useful examples I can take back to my classroom.  This presentation was good and on a very important and relevant topic.  I would go to another presentation by Dr. Miller.

 I just wish every Professional Development Training was as good as this. Dr. Miller has very dynamic personality one that draws you in and makes you want to learn from her.


Dr. Miller helped me immensely during the process of looking for a graduate school. I wouldn't have survived the application process without the hard work and help of Dr. Miller. ~ Emily, Special Education Teacher 

Dr. Erica Miller was a crucial part in me getting accepted into graduate school and [obtaining] my job as an Early Intervention Teacher. ~ Chelsea, Early Intervention Teacher

I was terrified until I consulted with Dr. Miller. She helped me find the perfect graduate school..........She also helped me realize that with my education background I should seek a Universal Pre-K teaching position. ~ Deanna, Universal Pre-K Head Teacher and Graduate School Student

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